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What does your service include? School Events
As a public school, we are quite concerned with lyrics. Can we be sure you won't play music with explicit words at our school? School Events
In the past we have seen students mosh and freak dance. What do you do if this starts to happen at our event? School Events
We once had a DJ that didn't show up. How can we be sure this won't happen? School Events
How much are your services? School Events
Sounds like you are the one we want. How can I get a contract and book your services? School Events
How do I set up a meeting? General FAQS
How do I pay the deposit for my party? General FAQS
How do I pay the remaining balance? General FAQS
How much music do you have and will you have any song that I want available for my event? Is your music clean? General FAQS
Can my guests request songs during an event? General FAQS
How do I send my song requests to Planet DJs? General FAQS
What is discussed at a meeting? General FAQS
Do you have back-up equipment? General FAQS
What does the banquet hall need to provide? General FAQS
Where will Planet DJs travel? General FAQS
How many types of lights do you have? General FAQS
How can I find out if you are available for my event? General FAQS
When should I book my date? General FAQS
How do I book your services? General FAQS
Is the deposit refundable? General FAQS
How long does it take you to set-up and breakdown? General FAQS
How early do you arrive at an event? General FAQS
Do you charge to set-up and break down? General FAQS
When will Planet DJs contact me prior to the event to set-up a final meeting? General FAQS
Can you send me a list of references? General FAQS
Do you do catering? General FAQS
Does Planet DJs know of any good florists for my event? General FAQS
Can you recommend any good party planners? General FAQS
When i log into My Account i can't see anything? My Account
How do i log into My Account? My Account
How do i change my username and password for My account? My Account
What can i do with a My Account Powered by Planet DJs Entertainment? My Account
How can i get My Account on my cell phone or Tablet My Account