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We once had a DJ that didn't show up. How can we be sure this won't happen?

We conduct our business with a signed agreement between the school and our DJ service. This is the industry standard and provides assurance that you will have a disc jockey for your school dance with written terms for price, party times, and DJ arrival time. Lower priced and un-professional DJs can sometimes take a higher priced job and leave you without a DJ on your big night.

We have never missed a contracted event since our start in 1994. In the case of a traffic accident or some emergency that incapacitates us, we have a complete backup DJ system and extra DJs on staff. We also keep a close relationship with several other DJ companies in the area that can assist us in an emergency. We have even been able to save a few parties by being available when the original DJ had an emergency, so keep our number close to the phone any time you have an event!